Specialist Clinical Services

We currently have Consultants to Offer Urology Services.

Urology is a surgical speciality covering the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders affecting the urinary system starting from the kidneys to the urethra (water tube). Our consultants have a special interest in Microsurgical Vasectomy reversal, Bladder dysfunction, Female Incontinence, Benign prostatic diseases, Inflammatory diseases of the Urinary tract (UTI, prostatitis and painful Bladder syndrome), operation for scrotal conditions and scrotal pain.

We are also planning to offer Men’s and Women’s Health Check programs.

Private Urology Services offered at Best Life Clinic

  1. We currently offer Private Urology Consultations for the above problems. The consultation fee will be from £200 to £240.
  2. Urodynamic Service to assess Bladder function and Incontinence.                         The current fee is £650.
  3. Catheter Care Service: Provided by an experienced Nurse practitioner who provides teaching self-catheterisation and care of long-term catheters.   Fee: £120
  4. Trial without catheter service: This is for men and women who have gone into total blockage of Urine and are fitted with a catheter. We can provide a full assessment by a consultant Urologist and a nurse and recommend the appropriate next action. A trial without a catheter can be performed. Total fee:  £300. This will include a clinical examination, further treatment recommendation and a Trial without a catheter and re-insertion of the catheter in the event of failure to pass urine during the trial. Any further tests, treatments, or consultations will be chargeable separately.
  5. Operations for foreskin problems, including Circumcision, Frenuloplasty (lengthening of foreskin band) and prepuceplasty (operation to widen foreskin opening – Fee £1500 to £1900 depending on the operation chosen. Circumcision will be charged at the higher fee of £1900.
  6. Operations for scrotal swellings  – Hydrocele, Epidydimal cysts – £1900 – £2200
  7. Microsurgical operations in the scrotum – Varicocele operation, operations for scrotal pain – Fee varies from £2400 to £2800
  8. Advanced Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal (Multilayer Vaso vasostomy or Vaso-epididymostomy) – Fee £3200 to £3600

Vasectomy Reversal Service

We offer the state-of-the-art Micro Surgical Vasectomy Reversal Service at Best Life Clinic. Please read the details by clicking here.